Re: JavaMemoryModel: final, pseudo-final and write protectedfields

From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 16:16:33 EDT

Speaking of System's setErr and setOut methods, I hear that a recent JDC
( mailing contains sample code.

I can try to track it down if anyone's interested, but I think it boils down
to something like the following:

    PrintStream out = System.out;
    PrintStream log /* = output log */;
    System.out.println("before logging");
    System.out.println("after logging");

Is there anything in the old JMM or new JMM to prevent the compiler from
emitting code that reads System.out only once?

Joe Bowbeer

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> I haven't been able to find any code that actually invokes the setIn, > setOut and setErr functions, so I don't have a feeling for how > important that is. One suggestion would be to deprecate those > functions, and see who squeals. >

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