JavaMemoryModel: Rough draft of JSR to revise Java Thread spec

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 11:06:41 EST

I've prepared a rough draft of a JSR to revise the Java Thread spec.
It is available at:

I've tried to avoid saying anything that isn't generally agreed upon;
if you have disagreements with some of the things in the draft, let
me know. We don't need to decide everything in the JSR.

The JSR is fairly long, because I've tried to point out all of the
apple carts we are going to upset.

Some of the administrative details, such as who the official
submitter will be, still need to be worked out.

I'd like to have people on the JMM mailing list go over this draft
over the next week or so. The next step would be to run it by some
people who have a definite interest in the issue but haven't been
following things closely (e.g., James Gosling and Bill Joy).

By mid-April, I'd hope to start the paper work of filing an official JSR.


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