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From: Paul Jakubik (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 12:14:32 EDT

This is a very late introduction. Somehow, when I first ran across Bill
Pugh's paper "Fixing the Java Memory Model" I somehow missed this mailing
list and the associated web site.

I am most interested in finding out what is the least common denominator for
Java memory models that my company's software can depend on. My current
guess is that the least common denominator would be the POSIX thread memory
model. I am also interested in educating average developers about what
coding to that least common denominator safely means.

In an effort to educate developers, I wrote this article that appeared in
Visual Developer:

Something that has me even more interested in the JMM is that I have
gathered some evidence that problems that I thought would only occur on a
multiprocessor can actually occur on a single processor using popular JVMs.
I will catch up on the archived mail, and if this issue seems novel, post
more info soon.


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