JavaMemoryModel: Replication of Problem on single processor?

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 11:31:38 EDT

Not to doubt Paul, but have others been able to replicate the problem?
(If we are going to mention this in our JavaOne talk, I'd prefer to
have replication).

I observed the problem on a Windows NT machine with 2 processors, but
was not able to observe it on my Windows 98 (uniprocessor) laptop.

I've not been able to observe it on a Sparc, or under HotSpot.

Thread context switching usually (always?) provides a sequentially
consistent memory model, so my guess is the same as others: that
compiler optimization and code generation must be reordering the

I made a few changes to Paul's code:
        - eliminated duplicate reads - makes code faster, thus more likely
          to detect problems, also eliminated confusing messages when
          log reports that a field was seen unitialized, then prints the
          initialized value
        - added a catch up feature, so that if two threads get out of sync, the
          slower thread jumps up to the most recently created singleton.

I've attached the modified code.


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