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Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 15:11:14 EDT

  OK, as a few people have pointed out, C# does seem to have Java-like
threads. The entire document is far more preliminary than I had
thought at first.

The primary authors are listed as Anders Hejlsberg and Scott
Wiltamuth. Anders Hejlsberg is the person from Delphi who designed
WFC for Microsoft. I guess it would be too much to hope that anybody
with an academic background in programming languages had any
involvement in the language.

Some amusing/interesting things:

Inheritance does not imply subtyping. You can have an EditBox that
implements the IControl and the IDataBound interface, and yet not be
able to invoke on azn EditBox the methods defined in IControl and

Chapter 18, Versioning, is blank.

The entire contents of chapter 19, Unsafe code:

19.1 Unsafe code
19.2 Pointer types
                unmanaged-type *
                void *

How they can claim that C# is typesafe, given that it will have void
*, it beyond me.

Here is the semantics of synchronization in C#:

        The exact behavior of the Enter and Exit methods of the
        System.CriticalSection class is implementation defined.

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