Re: JavaMemoryModel: fusing synch blocks

From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 01:41:48 EST

> Are we talking about fusing synch blocks at the bytecode level
> or at runtime in a dynamic compiler? --Steve K

This is what I was getting at with my comment about RTJ having its own
javac: if (non-realtime) javac were permitted to fuse locks then it would be
"ruining" the code for subsequent use on a RT JVM.

"javac" should always perform a faithful translation (right?), but what does
"javac -O" do?

I'd think "javac -O" would either need to know the target VM, or as you
suggest it would need to annotate the .class file with information subject
to interpretation by the VM.

(B.t.w, does javac -O lead to better performance on HotSpot?)

Joe Bowbeer

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