Re: JavaMemoryModel: JMM problems with latch or copy-on-write?

From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 20:15:29 EST

Jeremy Manson <> wrote:

> A read of a volatile field v allows the reading thread
> to "see" all of the writes (to volatiles and normal
> variables) that were seen by the thread that wrote
> to v up until the point at which the thread wrote to it.

Thanks for the correction. I won't even try to explain what I was thinking.
Perhaps I should study the operational semantics and CRF papers more

Note: Because these proposals are written at a level below Java code, it
would be helpful to me and other programmer types if we also collected a
series of code samples to illustrate the operation of the proposed models
and to illustrate the differences between them. To get a sense of the
viability of these proposals, it's important to get feedback from
programmers, and I believe we'll be able to solicit more feedback from
programmers with code samples than with low-level specifications.

I'll update my responses to David Smiley's questions shortly.

Joe Bowbeer

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