JavaMemoryModel: Here we go...

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 21:53:33 EDT

OK, the JSR has been approved, and things are starting to move.

The initial expert group is:

"Sarita Adve" <>,
"Doug Lea" <>
"Bill Pugh" <>
"Tim Lindholm" <>
"Boehm, Hans" <>
"Martin Trotter" <>
Keith Randall <>

Tim Lindholm is the technical lead for the JSR. I'm just an EG
member, which helps give Tim plausible deniability for anything I say.

We are still considering several additional EG nominations. However,
much of the discussion by the expert group will take place on the
mailing list, and we very much value the input, commentary and
feedback of everyone else on the list.

One important point: please do not take comments made by _members_ of
the expert group on the mailing list as "comments made by the expert
group". I hope all members of the expert group will participate in
the discussions on the mailing list, and should not feel overly
constrained in doing so. In particular, some expert group members
(e.g., myself) have strong opinions and may express them on the
mailing list. However, when it comes times to make decisions, the
expert group will try to reach consensus decisions that satisfy as
many people as possible.

In case anyone feels a need to communicate with the expert group and
not the entire mailing list, the email address for the expert group

I'm going to following this message with several other messages
summarizing various issues reflecting where we now stand. If anyone
wants to restart discussion on these issues, they should speak up
soon. Over the next month, I hope we can reach/affirm agreement on
the informal, high level semantics of the Java memory model, and move
on to formalizing it, working out the corner cases, and writing it up.

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