JavaMemoryModel: Model Checking the CRF JMM

From: Yue Yang (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 13:07:21 EDT

As an effort to formally study a language level memory model, we have
developed a framework to specify and reason the CRF JMM using Model
Checking techniques.

The CRF model is implemented in Murphi as a "memory model engine" and a
suite of test programs are developed to study important properties
including the ordering rules, constructor properties, and
synchronization idioms such as the "double-checked locking" pattern.
This mechanism enables one to exhaustively exercise a language level
memory model on a particular program.

Our approach and initial results are presented in a paper entitled
"Analyzing the CRF Java Memory Model with Murphi" available at

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

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-- Jason

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