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Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 12:08:27 EDT

I hope it's alright to post this conference announcement here!

If you're interested in concurrency issues - and the shared volatiles
and synchronization discussions on this list take a bit of keeping up
with (!) - please check out the CPA 2001 meeting below. You'll get
some of the flavour by looking at the website - the accepted papers
are listed (titles/authors/institutions/abstracts) under the "Academic
Programme" link on the sidebar. The flavour is a little different to
the discussions here ... but they are relevant (claim!).

Thank you for your time,

Peter Welch.

[ CPA-2001 (WoTUG-24) Call for Delegates ]

      [ ]
      [ Title: Communicating Process Architectures - 2001 ]
      [ ]

      [ ]
      [ When: Sunday 16th. September (evening) through ]
      [ Wednesday 19th. September (lunchtime) ]
      [ ]

      [ ]
      [ Where: University of Bristol, Bristol, (England) ]
      [ ]

      [ ]
      [ Web site: ]
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      [ Please see the above URL for details of conference ]
      [ structure, accepted papers, location, registration, ]
      [ programme committee, secretary, fees, bursaries etc. ]
      [ ]
      [ A brief summary of the Rationale behind this meeting ]
      [ is given below. ]
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      [ ]
      [ Cost: 320 pounds (Sterling). ]
      [ ]
      [ This includes accommodation for 16-18 Sept ]
      [ (3 nights), all food (including conference ]
      [ dinner) and the Proceedings. ]
      [ ]
      [ WoTUG are sponsoring 100 pounds bursaries ]
      [ for student delegates - see the web site. ]
      [ ]

[ The Rationale behind Communicating Process Architectures - 2001 ]

At all levels of abstraction, modern computing systems are built in
terms of components and communication (or, at least, synchronisation)
between components.

Communicating systems imply concurrency but, traditionally, concurrency
has been taught and considered and experienced as an advanced and
difficult topic. The thesis underlying this conference is that that
tradition is wrong. The natural world operates through the continuous
interaction of massive numbers of autonomous agents at all levels of
granulartiy (sub-atomic, human, astronomic). If modern computer science
finds this hard to grasp, then perhaps it is not doing it right.
It is time for concurrency to mature into a core engineering discipline
that can be used on an everyday basis to *simplify* problem solutions,
as well as to enable them.

Communicating Process Architectures 2001 addresses these issues head on.
The goal of the conference is to stimulate discussion and ideas as to
the role concurrency will play in future generations of scaleable computer
infrastructure and applications - where scaling means the ability to ramp
up functionality (i.e. stay in control as complexity increases) as well
as physical metrics (such as performance).

This conference brings together researchers and practitioners from an
astonishing range of disciplines: theory (primarily based upon Hoare's
algebra of Communicating Sequential Processes), hardware architecture,
software architecture, hardware/software co-design (including FPGAs),
languages for concurrency (including Java, occam, Handel and C#),
libraries, formal verification, tools, multithreaded run-time kernels,
embedded systems, distributed systems, Internet programming and

We hope you enjoy Communicating Process Architectures 2001 and your
visit to the University of Bristol. There will be a mix
of submitted and invited papers during the day, with workshops and/or
tutorials in the evenings. Submitted papers have been refereed by the
Programme Committee - only 22 were accepted so that their presentations
take place in a single stream attended by all the delegates. The plan
is for everyone to listen and talk to each other. It is already apparent
(and will be reported at this meeting) that significant mutual benefits
can be obtained when hardware and software architects appreciate and
depend on each other. We want more of this - you can always sleep on
the journey home ...

Programme Committee Chair - Prof. Peter Welch

Conference Chairs

      Dr Alan Chalmers / Dr Majid Mirmehdi / Dr Henk Muller
      Department of Computer Science
      University of Bristol
      Woodland Road
      Bristol BS8 1UB
      Tel: +44 (0)117 954 5130 / +44 (0)117 954 5208
      CPA2001 WWW:


                    [ Programme Committee ]

Professor David May FRS, University of Bristol, UK. (Patron)
Professor Peter Welch, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. (PC Chair)

Dr. Alastair Allen, University of Aberdeen, UK.
Professor Hamid Arabnia, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA.
Professor Andre Bakkers, University of Twente, The Netherlands.
Richard Beton, Roke Manor Research Ltd., UK.
Professor Jan F. Broenink, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Dr. Alan Chalmers, University of Bristol, UK.
Professor Peter Clayton, Rhodes University, South Africa.
Dr. Barry Cook, University of Keele, UK.
Dr. Janet Edwards, Loughborough University of Technology, UK.
Ruth A. Ivimey-Cook, ARM Ltd., Cambridge, UK
Christopher Jones, British Aerospace, Warton Aerodrome, UK.
Professor Jon Kerridge, Napier University, UK
Dr. Adrian E. Lawrence, Oxford University, UK
Stephen Maudsley, Esgem Ltd, UK.
Dr. Majid Mirmehdi, University of Bristol, UK.
Dr. Henk Muller, University of Bristol, UK.
Professor Chris Nevison, Colgate University, New York, USA.
Professor Patrick Nixon, University of Strathclyde, UK.
Dr. Brian O'Neill, Nottingham Trent University, UK.
Dr. Roger Peel, University of Surrey, UK
Dr. Michael Poole, Consultant, UK.
Professor Nan Schaller, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA.
Professor G. S. Stiles, Utah State University, Utah, USA.
Oyvind Teig, "Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems, Ship Control", Norway.
Professor Rod Tosten, Gettysburg University, USA.
Dr. Stephen J Turner, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Professor Paul Tymann, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA.
Paul Walker, 4Links Ltd, UK.
Dr. Hugh Webber, Defence Evaluation Research Agency, Malvern, UK.

                    [ Published Proceedings ]

The Proceedings will be published by IOS Press, Netherlands as part of
the Concurrent Systems Engineering Series (ISSN 1383-7575).

We look forward to welcoming you at CPA2001 in September.

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