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From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 10:43:08 EDT

> Is there any possibilities of getting the reference of an object
>which was created in JVM1 from JVM2 in the same machine.....more
>specifically, i'm creating a Hashtable object in a process which is
>under the execution of JVM1. Can i get the reference of the
>Hashtable object running in JVM1 from a process running in JVM2 in
>the same machine...
>Thanks in advance,

Your posting to the mailing list got bounced because you aren't
subscribed under the same email address you posted your question from.

But the answer is no, you can't do this. The two different VM's are
running in different address spaces, so there is no way for one VM to
directly refer to an object in a different VM.

If you want to pursue the question of whether such a capability might
be added in the future, it would fall under the Isolate JSR:


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