JavaMemoryModel: ECMA CLI/C# spec

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 11:50:43 EST

The CLI/C# spec is done, and is available from: (C# spec) (CLI spec) (CLI libraries?)

The CLI memory model is described on pages 92-95 of partition I of
the CLI spec.

Very briefly, by design the CLI spec does not allow the removal of
synchronization/coherence actions associated with thread local
volatiles or monitors. This makes the design much simpler, and I had
hoped that they might come up with something halfway decent, given
their design choice.

They designed to ignore much of the advice I gave them. In the
official ECMA spec:

   * Word tearing is defined to occur. If threads write adjacent bytes
without synchronization, it is a data race and one of the writes may
be lost.

   * volatile read/writes of a 64-bit value on a 32-bit processor are _not_
    atomic, unless you perform the volatile read/write using a call to methods
    such as Thread.VolatileWrite

Plus, the spec is ambiguous in the extreme and has holes you could
drive a truck through.

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