Re: JavaMemoryModel: StringBuffer intensive codes/applications/benchmarks

From: Paul Jakubik (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 14:50:05 EDT

The JDOM XMLOutputter has some StringBuffer intensive code.

XMLOutputter has a method called outputString. outputString
uses a StringWriter, and has methods for
getting the underlying StringBuffer or getting the String
converted from it.

So the bigger the XML document you are trying to output, the
more use of StringBuffer you'll wind up with.


P.S. JDOM is available at I was able to look at
the source for XMLOutputter at this link (which you will
probably have to cut and paste back together)

--- Bill Pugh <> wrote:
> As I mentioned before, we are looking at introducing a new
> unsynchronized StringBuffer class and changing the way either
> kind of
> StringBuffer is converted into a String.
> Does anyone have suggestions for
> codes/applications/benchmarks that
> perform a lot of StringBuffer manipulations (both operations
> on
> StringBuffers and converting them to Strings), either
> directly or
> generated by javac from String concatenation?
> Bill
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