RE: JavaMemoryModel: The range of memory models now in play

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 17:29:17 EDT

Yes, the total order in the execution trace has to be consistent with
the order of actions in each thread of the program (i.e., with
program order).


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>> Jason and Sarita: do you agree that your models fit between A and B?
>This is correct for my model except for one technicality below, which
>may or may not matter depending on the direction you want to take this
>> Consider two programming models, A and B.
>> In both models, you check the validity of a totally ordered
>> execution trace E.
>Saying only that an execution trace is totally ordered is somewhat
>"content-free" unless some properties are assigned to the total
>ordering. I believe for model B, you are implicitly assuming that the
>above total order is consistent with program order. For my model, I can
>also construct a total order where a read returns the value from a
>previous write. But this order isn't consistent with program order, and
>for hardware with caches and write buffers, this order would be on write
>suboperations rather than write operations, but I don't think you were
>considering such orders.
>Also, there is more similarity between your and my model, but I assume
>you will get to that in a subsequent message.

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