JavaMemoryModel: new papers - FYI

From: Assaf Schuster (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 06:40:38 EDT


The following papers are available:
"Java Consistency: A Real-Life Exercise in Non-Operational Specification"
Finally completes our previous TOCS 2000 paper, by including synchronization
operations (locks and volatiles) into the purely-non-operational
specification of JMM.
The resulting purely-non-operational definitions perfectly match those
of the original JMM including all details and rules.
Beware - the definitions are relatively short, but the equivalence
"Complexity of Verifying Java Shared Memory Executions"
Contains a proof that (even in the presence of some limiting
assumptions) verifying Java executions is NP-hard.

Enjoy, Assaf

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