JavaMemoryModel: Re: Ownership Types for Safe Programming (was: Disallowing badly synchronized programs)

From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 17:45:09 EST

In the ownership types presentations,

there is a list of 3 ways by which locks can be avoided:

 1. object is immutable
 2. object is thread-local
 3. object has a unique pointer

Can or does the JMM proposal leverage unique pointers? I don't remember
seeing it spelled out anywhere...

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Subject: JavaMemoryModel: Disallowing badly synchronized programs

If Java were designed today, it would probably have a type system that makes
it impossible to write unsynchronized programs, and this mailing list would
not have been necessary...

Chandrasekhar Boyapati, "Ownership Types for Safe Programming: Preventing
Data Races and Deadlocks", OOPSLA 2002.

Maybe the lack of such a type system is to Java what the lack of garbage
collection is to C? Unsynchronized multithreading: the goto of the '90s?

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