JavaMemoryModel: Actions and GUIDs

From: Joe Hendrix (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 02:07:36 EST

Can GUIDs be defined in a more precise way?

Specifically, in order for an execution trace E to be valid, it needs to
obey unithread semantics, but the obvious way to do that is to execute
the program in a sequentially consistent machine (where the reads return
the same values as specified in the execution trace), and see if the
resulting trace matches E, but to do that I need to be able to determine
which read in the execution trace corresponds to the step in my
sequentially consistent machine deterministically generate a GUID.

Would a pair (ThreadID, Counter) where ThreadID is some unique
identifier for a thread, and counter starts at 0 and increments each
time an instruction is executed be sufficent?

Hope this makes sense,
Joe Hendrix

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