RE: JavaMemoryModel: Another Java threading issue (finalization)

From: David Holmes (
Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 19:40:22 EST

Paul Jakubik wrote:
> My understanding of what has been proposed in this thread is
> that the developer should do the following:
> If your class has a finalizer you must synchronize any
> potential last-method-call and the finalizer.
> If I understand this correctly, this sounds like bad news for
> library developers. It would mean that every method and the
> finalizer should be synchronized (at least every public
> method). The library would be made significantly slower in
> hopes of allowing an optimization to make the library a little
> faster.

That's my current understanding. *if* you could tell which was the
last method call then you might be able to do something less
restrictive, but otherwise ...

Perhaps there are alternative idioms for "finalization " that might be
able to utilise a combination of the volatile/final semantics and the
use of the reference classes??

Arguable, as a library developer, you should just stay away from
finalizers - they're evil don't you know :-)

David Holmes

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