Re: JavaMemoryModel: Finalizers

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 15:02:16 EDT

>Bill Pugh wrote:
>> * a field is private or package protected
>> * the package is sealed, and
>> * there is no read of the field nor reflection in the package
>>You know that the field will not be read.
>Seems like a lot of ifs and still does not take
>java.lang.reflect.AccessibleObject.setAccessible() into account.

Sorry, there was a holdover from a previous message:

* the security manager doesn't allow reflective violation of access controls
   in sealed packages.

As I mentioned, I am willing to explicitly stipulate that if a
reachable object X contains a reference to another object Y, then Y
is reachable. But I don't think you can deduce it from the existing
text in the JLS.

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