RE: JavaMemoryModel: Proposals on wait and interrupts

From: David Holmes (
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 06:56:03 EDT

Sylvia Else wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing the point you're making here, but my line
> of thinking was
> that the expected usage of wait() takes the following form:
> synchronized(m) {
> try {
> while(m.flag == false) {
> m.wait();
> }
> // I woke up for a valid reason.
> }
> catch (InterruptedException ex) {
> // Someone interrupted me.
> }
> }

There are a couple of variants to the above:

a) the try-catch is inside the while-loop
b) the exception is thrown directly out of the method

For example,

   synchronized void someBlockingMethod() throws InterruptedException
      while (!inRightState)
      // do something

Under the existing spec an interrupt while waiting will propagate
straight out of the method. Under your proposal the interrupted thread
gets a chance to check the state again and potentially do something.
An application might keep tight control over interruption and
know/require that an interrupted thread will not "do something"
again - it might have had resources released that prevent it from
"doing something". To keep the existing semantics the above code would
have to be changed to:

   synchronized void someBlockingMethod() throws InterruptedException
      while (!inRightState) {
          if (Thread.interrupted() )
              throw new InterruptedException();
      // do something

David Holmes

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