JavaMemoryModel: If your posts don't show up

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 06:36:21 EDT

If your posts don't show up, check to make sure that the address you
are posting from is the same address you are subscribed from.

The mailing list is set up to allow posting only from subscribers,
which saves us from a lot of spam. Unfortunately, that also means
that postings from some subscribers get bounced when they post from a
different email address. Do to the amount of spam related bounces, I
usually don't have time to go through and resolve the bounces myself.

I've attached the subscribed list below. If you've had any problems
posting, please check to see that your address below is the one you
currently post from.



>>>> who javamemorymodel
Members of list 'javamemorymodel':

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188 subscribers
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