JavaMemoryModel: PDA JVM and Linux OS Crash

From: Jonathan Mark J Lingard (
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 04:46:45 EDT

I have a general question for you about to what extent and whether
Java/JVMs should be handling memory management.
We moved a Java program from a high memory environment (PC) to a low
memory environment (Sharp Zaurus C700 PDA with Linux). The program runs
OK in the PC but on the PDA, the application can start after a period of
time, the PDA application grinds to a halt and then the whole PDA stops
functioning needs restarting. The behaviour of this halting is pretty
variable. We have come to the conclusion that either the Linux OS or
the JVM are unstable, but probably both. Running a Java application
should not kill an OS, and a Java application should not simply die with
loss of control.
  To put it another way:
- I would expect both that if the Java application cannot get enough
memory and or resource to satisfy an application, it should be reporting
this, not simply stopping,
- and secondly that should an application on Linux OS run into problems,
Linux should be able to separately report the application has problems,
and not simply stop...
My question is this: To what extent is there any control over the memory
requirements management for the Java processes? If there is none, is
there anything in the pipeline to provide hands-on memory management for
upgraded versions of Java.
Jonathan Mark J Lingard
Software and Knowledge Engineering
University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

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