Re: JavaMemoryModel: Updated JMM schedule and status report

Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 22:18:55 EDT

I'm just going to emerge from the depths to make a quick point, as it
relates to what we just produced. We are very much looking for feedback
on the model as it stands. However, the A and B pdfs are pared to the
bone, and are going to be somewhat difficult to parse without a reasonable
amount of familiarity with the formal details of the model as it has

For those looking for higher-level explanations as they relate to the
formal model, a very similar model to the ones we just put out (it is
almost identical) is available from Bill's jmm web page

There is a lot more in there in the way of examples, and may, for a lot of
people, be prerequisite to understanding A and B.

For those missing a very-high-level, programmer's-eye description of the
model (a la Doug's book, for example), the version of the chapter we put
out next week will have such a creature.

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