RE: JavaMemoryModel: Agreement to disagree: where things stand

From: David Holmes (
Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 03:12:24 EDT

> At this point, we just have to say that Sarita, Jeremy and I have
> agreed to disagree. We cannot resolve this issue among
> ourselves, and
> we need input from the jsr133 expert group and the general JMM
> community.

So one model may be too weak, but we can't yet establish that.
The other may be too strong, but we can't yet establish that either.

On technical merit both models seem of equal stature.

Given that, I would advocate ease of understanding as the tie-breaker.
Which ever model is likely to be most comprehensible to the majority
of Java programmers (and VM implementors) should be the one chosen.

Is there an obvious winner using that criteria? Not having been able
to catch up with either model as yet, I don't have an opinion.

David Holmes

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