RE: JavaMemoryModel: Re: Are the volatile semantics strong enough?

From: David Holmes (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 22:03:20 EDT

Drat I forgot to apply the fix to the second example:

> Should have read:
> x=8 w=2 r1=v
> v=1 x=9 r2=x
> r3=w
> Can r1==1, r3==0 but r2==9?

Again applying the "roach motel" principle the r2=x can move after the
volatile read r3=w, hence we could have the following:


So yes we can get the result: r1==1, r3==0 but r2==9

I'm sure Bill or Jeremy will jump on me soon if I've mixed up the
allowed reorderings across volatile reads/writes.

David Holmes

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