JavaMemoryModel: an operational model?

From: Eliot Moss (
Date: Sun Aug 03 2003 - 01:50:03 EDT

Dear memory modelers:

I for one would find it really helpful to have an operational model that
reflects the semantics we are aiming for. By that I mean something that
allows the maximum reordering, etc., in the shared memory. The case of
concern is data races, I believe.

I am not proposing a particular model, but maybe it would have a flavor
like this:

     writes propagate to a memory that keeps multiple, not necessarily
     in-sync, copies of each memory location, with no guarantee on the
     delay in a write action reaching a particular copy

     correct use of synchronization primitives (mutexes in particular)
     guarantees that all copies are updated and in-sync, and no write
     actions are still propagating

     writes by the same thread to the same location happen in the same
     order (namely execution order) at every copy

     a read simply reads the value of any copy

     there number of copies is finite (maybe it can even vary), and it is
     at least one

In other words, this allows arbitrary "flipping" around between the values
written by unsynchronized writes (races), and this will "settle" only by
using synchronization primitives (by which I mean to include volatiles).

      there is a total order of all volatile writes (i.e., across all
      threads) to the same location, consistent with program order in each
      thread; the writes are applied to each copy in that same order.

Note that if there is a write then a read of a volatile by the same thread,
then the read must return the value written, or some later (by the total)

This STILL requires capturing what is legal within a thread, and I know the
hard part is what a compiler may do, but my previous email was intended to
advance the cause on that score.

Part of the point here is that I think an operational model like this is
easier to visualize and explain, and easier to demonstrate the possibility
or absence of certain behaviors ....

If, in not following quite as closely or deeply, I am missing the point,
then just keep plowing ahead ....

-- Eliot
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