JavaMemoryModel: Draft of JSR-133 Community Review document; submit to JCP tomorrow

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 16:57:57 EDT

We have a draft of the JSR-133 community review document available:

If we want JSR-133 to go into Tiger, JSR-133 must enter community
review by this Friday. In the absence of any concrete deadline from
Tim Lindholm, I am presuming that we must complete the document by
Wednesday so that the JCP organization can have some time to process
the document.

I've clearly spelled out the question on the strong vs. weak
causality model on the first page, asked for additional feedback, and
indicated that the expert group will consider adopting the weak model
after community review.

I know that Jeremy and I would have appreciated more time to continue
our efforts to make things clearer and more understandable. I suspect
that others may want us to consider whether any of several other
memory model formalisms might be suitable.

But we've run out of time.

We will continue to work on this document over the next 24 hours. Any
feedback you can provide us with would be appreciated, although our
options for completely rewriting any sections at this point in time
are very limited.

As I said before, Tim and Gilad were firmly of the opinion that we
would have substantial flexibility to change JSR-133 after community
review so long as it didn't impact existing or planned JVMs.

Thank you for you help. The many people who have provided feedback on
the JMM have been invaluable in the formulation of this draft of the

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