RE: JavaMemoryModel: Motivation and Semantics for Immutable objects

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Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 17:58:11 EDT


The key issue for me is when implementing subclasses of, needing a portable API to set the final
fields (as well as one to create an instance without calling the
constructor). Trying to do this without native code (or without
calling JDK-internal private APIs using reflection) is basically
impossible. So much for write-once, run-anywhere :-)

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> > In regard to serialization of value types with RMI, the notion of
> > immutability is of some interest, in particular because the JDK
> > provides no standard way for custom-coded serialization classes
> > to set final fields (java.lang.reflect.Field.set() throws an
> > exception if called to set a final field), and the JDK provides
> > no standard way to create an object without calling its constructor.
> >
> Ignoring the spec issues here that I don't know how to address, there
> are some tricks that sometimes apply when you can't use default
> deserialization of final fields. They are all on the ugly side, and
> trade off some wastage. They might be appropriate when you can live
> with having extra fields and possibly slower deserialization. See for
> example JSR166 at:
> util/concurrent/
> It declares an extra nonfinal field used only to hold the deserialized
> state of a final field (the underlying data array), and uses
> readResolve during deserialization to create a new object using an
> internal constructor that sets final fields to the values of the
> nonfinal ones of deserialized form that will then be thrown away and
> replaced by new object.
> If you have multiple fields of this form, and/or want to apply to
> multiple subclasses, you can define internal SerializationProxy
> objects so only need a single "wasted" reference in main objects.
> (If you think this is too sleazy to even tell people, blame me. If you
> think it is a cool hack, credit Josh Bloch for discovering the basic
> idea here :-)
> -Doug
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