RE: JavaMemoryModel: finalization review

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 15:42:56 EST

>and the finalizer only needs to synchronize on impls. I'm perfectly
>happy with
>that. But it's clearly not backward compatible with existing VMs,
>and hence would need
>to be an addition to the current reachability rules, not a
>replacement. (I suspect that
>adding a method to Object is not really feasible, so you would
>really have to say
>something like System.reachable(this), but I'm not sure I understand
>all the issues

Of the syntax/api changes suggested on the list recently, I think
this is the only one that might be doable at this late state, perhaps
along with removing spurious wakeups from wait.

I'm not sure I like reachable as a name, since it is so tightly tied
to finalization. How about
        System.doNotFinalizeYet(Object o)
The semantics would be as mentioned before (a volatile write to a
hidden field of the object that is read before finalization of the

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