RE: JavaMemoryModel: Unexpected weakness/divergence in old JVM spec of final fields

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Mon Dec 29 2003 - 07:57:27 EST

At 11:07 AM +1000 12/29/03, David Holmes wrote:
>Bill, this issue was raised in October (see mailing subject RE:
>JavaMemoryModel: Final Means Different Things To VM and Java Language.
>Does That Impact JITs?). Apart from the necessary but insufficient
>restriction in PUTFIELD, the description of the ACC_FINAL bit also
>defines semantics: JVMS Section 4.5 Table 4.4 - ACC_FINAL: Declared
>final; no further assignment after initialization.

OK, sorry I missed this.

>The current spec for ACC_FINAL already states this (in loose terms).
>Do we require that either:
>a) PUTFIELD/PUTSTATIC check for this; or
>b) that the verifier check for this?

I'm not sure it really matters where the check is done.

So, this suggests that it is acceptable for the VM to reject with a
either a class file format or verification error any classfile in
which a final field is initialized more than once.

However, since the current 1.5 VM doesn't reject them, we probably
can't require that VMs reject such classfiles, only encourage it.


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