Re: JavaMemoryModel: Way forward on JSR-133

From: Joel Jones (
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 23:53:48 EST

At 10:16 -0500 1/14/04, Bill Pugh wrote:
> We have about weeks to finish up the public review draft, and to
>the extent people have time to spend on the JMM, I'd like to
>encourage people to further examine final fields and other
>non-causality related issues, which haven't gotten the attention they
>need. Jeremy and I have a lot of work to do finishing up the
>document, doing Javadoc comments, and so on.

Did you have in mind cleaning up the language in the JLS and JVM spec
regarding when and how checks for >1 assignment to final fields are
done? I did a little bit of that for a verifier for Kaffe.

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