JavaMemoryModel: [ANN]: JmmSolve 0.1: generative implementation of CCMs

From: Tom Schrijvers (
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 10:35:30 EST

Hi all,

Vijay Saraswat wrote:
> Have just released the paper "Concurrent Constraint-based Memory
> Machines: A framework for Java Memory Models" on my website
> The basic idea behind the paper is to describe an abstract machine,
> somewhat in the style of the original JLS spec, but substantially
> simplified by the use of constraints and the focus on completing a
> concurrent set of events in one transition. This allows all the
> causality problems this list has been looking at to be posed as simple
> constraint problems which can be solved by known techniques. Indeed Bart
> Demoen and Tom Schrijvers are developing an implementation of CCMs using
> Constraint Handling Rules on top of SWI Prolog so that all possible
> behaviors of "small" programs can be automatically generated. I hope to
> see an announcement shortly.

The first release of the generative implementation of CCMs, JmmSolve 0.1,
is available from:

JmmSolve automatically generates all possible valid behaviors, linkings of
reads and writes and corresponding values.

The current version is limited to normal variables and read and
(conditional) write events in the event language. We are planning to do
weekly updates, adding locking, volatile variables and translation from
source language to event language.

Please have a look and let us know what you think.



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