Re: JavaMemoryModel: Javadoc terminology for synchronization

From: Jerry Schwarz (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 12:37:22 EST

At 06:55 AM 4/1/2004, Bill Pugh wrote:
>After talking with Doug, and reviewing the options that have been suggested,
>we are both leaning towards "synchronizes with" for javadoc-level descriptions
>of synchronization semantics.
>To avoid the problem that "synchronizes with" sound symmetric, it should
>be used in a context such as
> ... synchronizes with (a | any | all) (preceding | following) ...
>For example,
> A write to a volatile synchronizes with all following reads of
> that volatile.

This still sounds symmetric to me. In particular it suggests that after

     int x; volatile int v;
     x = 1;
     r = v;

The assignment to x is visible to the thread that wrote the value read by v.

Put another way it sounds identical to

     A read of a volatile synchronizes with all previous writes of that

> Interrupting a thread synchronizes with all following events that
> detect that the thread has been interrupted (e.g., the interrupted
> thread throwing an InterruptedException, or a invocation of
> interrupted()
> returning true).
>Doug and I both felt that terminology such as "makes visible to" or
>"is ordered before" wouldn't be well suited towards the target audience
>for JavaDoc.
>We are still open to suggestions if you come up with a really good one.
> Bill
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