JavaMemoryModel: Re: There is _NO_ interaction between the memory model and synchronous exceptions

From: Jeremy Manson (
Date: Sun Apr 11 2004 - 11:45:15 EDT

You beat me to this message :)

Are asynchronous exceptions any different? If a thread is stop()'d, then it
is already the case that actions that occur after it dies shouldn't be
visible to other threads. That's why there is that section concerning
optimization in 11.3.1.

If an internal error occurs, of course, and the result violates the memory
model, I think it is pretty safe to file a bug on the subject :)


> People writing JVMs very aware of the issues raised by precise
> exceptions in Java
> including the fact that precise exceptions can prevent reordering of
> operations.
> This is one of the reason people are so eager in JVMs to prove that
> runtime exceptions
> will not occur, because doing so removes these barriers to reordering.
> There is absolutely nothing about Exceptions and RuntimeErrors that
> involves
> the memory model. They are all completely standard issues that have to
> be dealt with even in the single threaded case.
> Nothing to see folks, time to move on.
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