JavaMemoryModel: Proposal on finalizers

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 11:49:36 EDT

OK, after thinking about it for a while, we are leaning against
trying to do a fully formal writeup of finalizers. We think it
would add some substantial complications to the base model,
just to handle cases that people really shouldn't care about.

A lot of this is already in appendix C of the draft spec.
  * there is a happens-before edge from the constructor to
    the finalizer (this is the only thing that is really new)
  * synchronizing on an object counts as an active use of
    the object that keeps it from being finalized, if
    the finalizer may invoke synchronization on the object
  * all active uses of an object (accessing a field of the
    object, synchronizing on the object, or writing a reference
    to an object) count as "reaching" the object from the
    thread performing the action.
  * The JVM uses some unspecified mechanism for deciding which
    objects are reachable from threads
  * If an object o1 is reachable, and an element of o1 contains
    a non-overwritten reference to an object o2,
    then o2 is reachable.
  * If an object is unreachable, the finalizer for that object
    may be run

So there are two recommended ways of writing finalizers:

* The finalizer only depends on seeing writes performed
   in the constructor of that object

* The finalizer using synchronization to ensure that
   it is correctly synchronized with all the writes it
   needs to see

Any other way is deprecated (not officially, but in practice),
and we won't give detailed semantics for those cases.

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