RE: JavaMemoryModel: Performing speculative writes ahead of loops that may not terminate

From: Sylvia Else (
Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 18:46:57 EDT

At 09:36 PM 30/05/2004 +1000, David Holmes wrote:
>Master thread fills in a buffer with work items and then starts a new worker
>thread to process the buffer. Worker threads executes:
> while (!buf.empty()) process(buf.take());
> workerFinished = true;
>where workerFinished is a volatile. Not quite as dramatic as firing the
>missiles, but same basic problem.

All the actions performed by the loop happen-before the setting of
workerFinished to true. Any thread that reads true from workerFinished must
see the effects of all the actions that happen-before it, which includes
the processing of the work in the buffer.

I don't see the problem.


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