Re: JavaMemoryModel: Are 'final' fields cause the GC to be more efficient?

From: Doug Lea (
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 17:03:40 EDT

> The one thing I have thought might sometimes help is this. If more object
> initializations were as in Modula-3, where one tends to compute initial
> field values in advance and provide them to an allocator that initializes
> the fields right away, then, for a given class, you might be able to show
> (via compiler analysis) that some or all fields were always initialized
> immediately after allocation, before promotion could occur.

Martin Rinard and a student looked into a variant of this in:

Write Barrier Removal by Static Analysis
Karen Zee and Martin Rinard
(OOPSLA '02)

> In sum, this is probably more for the GC list than for the memory model
> list.


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