Puneet Mathur

I am pursuing Ph.D. in CS at the University of Maryland, College Park, advised by Dr. Dinesh Manocha. My research lies on the intersection of machine learning, natural language processing, and multimodal deep learning. I completed my Masters in Computer Science from UMD in 2021.

I was a Research Intern at Adobe Research, San Jose during the summer of 2021. I am glad to be mentored by Vlad Morariu and Rajiv Jain at Adobe Research on document level information extraction and document hierarchy generation. Previously, I was an AI Research Intern at Dataminr during Summer 2020, under the guidance of Dr. Alejandro Jaimes and Dr. Joel Tetreault. My research focused on duplicate news detection in social media stream.

I completed Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Engineering at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and did AI research at MIDAS Labs at IIIT-Delhi.

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Research Publications

Conference Papers

  • TIMERS: Document-level Temporal Relation Extraction
    ACL 2021
    Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Jain, Franck Dernoncourt, Vlad Morariu, Quan Hung Tran and Dinesh Manocha

  • Multimodal Multi-Speaker Merger & Acquisition (M3A) Financial Forecasting: A New Task, Dataset, and Neural Baselines
    ACL 2021
    Ramit Sawhney, Mihir Goyal, Prakhar Goel, Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Affect2MM: Affective Analysis of Multimedia Content Using Emotion Causality
    CVPR 2021
    Trisha Mittal, Puneet Mathur, Aniket Bera, Dinesh Manocha

  • Multitask Learning for Emotionally Analyzing Sexual Abuse Disclosures
    NAACL 2021
    Ramit Sawhney, Puneet Mathur, Taru Jain, Akash Kumar Gautam, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Dynamic Graph Modeling of Simultaneous EEG and Eye-tracking Data For Reading Task Identification
    ICASSP 2021
    Puneet Mathur, Trisha Mittal, Dinesh Manocha

  • Meta learning for Low Resource Speech Emotion Recognition
    ICASSP 2021
    Suransh Chopra*, Puneet Mathur*, Ramit Sawhney, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Multimodal Multitask Financial Risk Forecasting
    ACM Multimedia 2020 (Oral)
    Ramit Sawhney, Puneet Mathur, Piyush Khanna, Ayush Mangal, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • VolTAGE: Volatility Forecasting via Text Audio Fusion with Graph Convolution Networks for Earnings Calls
    EMNLP 2020
    Ramit Sawhney, Arshiya Aggarwal, Piyush Khanna, Taru Jain, Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Risk Forecasting from Earnings Calls Acoustics and Network Correlations
    Interspeech 2020
    Ramit Sawhney, Arshiya Aggarwal, Piyush Khanna, Puneet Mathur, Taru Jain, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Mixup Multi-Attention Multi-Tasking Model for Early-Stage Leukemia Identification
    ICASSP 2020
    Puneet Mathur*, Mehak Piplani*, Ramit Sawhney, Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Rethinking Retinal Landmark Localization as Pose Estimation: Naive Single Stacked Network for Optic Disk and Fovea Detection
    ICASSP 2020
    Shishira Maiya*, Puneet Mathur*

  • Utilizing Temporal Psycholinguistic Cues for Suicidal Intent Estimation
    ECIR 2020 (Short)
    Puneet Mathur, Ramit Sawhney, Shivang Chopra and Rajiv Ratn Shah
    [ Paper ]

  • #MeTooMA: Multi-Aspect Annotations of Tweets Related to the MeToo Movement
    ICWSM 2020
    Akash Gautam*, Puneet Mathur*, Rakesh Gosangi, Debanjan Mahata, Ramit Sawhney and Rajiv Ratn Shah

  • Hindi-English Hate Speech Detection: Author Profiling, Debiasing, and Practical Perspectives
    AAAI 2020 (Oral)
    Shivang Chopra, Ramit Sawhney, Puneet Mathur and Rajiv Ratn Shah
    [ Paper ]

  • Exploring Classification of Histological Disease Biomarkers from Renal Biopsy Images
    IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2019
    Puneet Mathur*, Meghna P. Ayyar*, Rajiv Ratn Shah and Shree G Sharma
    [ Paper] [ Poster] [ Video Presentation ]

Workshop Papers

  • Suicide Risk Assessment via Temporal Psycholinguistic Modeling
    AAAI Student Abstract and Poster 2020
    Puneet Mathur, Ramit Sawhney and Rajiv Ratn Shah
    [ Paper ]

  • An Iterative Approach for Identifying Complaint Based Tweets in Social Media Platforms
    AAAI Student Abstract and Poster 2020
    Gyanesh Anand, Akash Kumar Gautam, Puneet Mathur, Debanjan Mahata, Rajiv Ratn Shah and Ramit Sawhney
    [ Paper ]

  • SNAP-BATNET: Cascading Author Profiling and Social Network Graphs for Suicide Ideation Detection on Social Media
    NAACL Student Research Workshop 2019
    Rohan Mishra∗, Pradyumna Prakhar Sinha∗, Ramit Sawhney, Debanjan Mahata, Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Ratn Shah
    [ Paper]

  • Speak Up, Fight Back! Detection of Social Media Disclosures of Sexual Harassment
    NAACL Student Research Workshop 2019
    Arijit Ghosh Chowdhury∗, Ramit Sawhney∗, Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Ratn Shah
    [ Paper]

  • Identification of Emergency Blood Donation Request on Twitter
    Social Media Mining for Health Applications Workshop (SMM4H), EMNLP 2018
    Puneet Mathur, Meghna Ayyar, Sahil Chopra, Simra Shahid, Laiba Mehnaz and Rajiv Shah
    [ Paper] [ Poster] [ Dataset ] [ Demo ]

  • Did You Offend Me? Classification of Offensive Tweets in Hinglish Language
    Abusive Language Workshop (ALW2), EMNLP 2018
    Puneet Mathur, Ramit Sawhney, Meghna Ayyar and Rajiv Shah
    [ Paper] [ Poster] [ Dataset ]

  • Exploring and Learning Suicidal Ideation Connotations on Social Media with Deep Learning
    WASSA, EMNLP 2018
    Ramit Sawhney, Prachi Manchanda, Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Shah and Raj Singh
    [ Paper] [ Poster]

  • Detecting Offensive Tweets in Hindi-English Code-Switched Language
    Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media (Social NLP), ACL 2018
    Puneet Mathur, Rajiv Shah, Ramit Sawhney, and Debanjan Mahata
    [ Paper] [ Video Presentation ]