Last updated December 12, 2015

Phone 301-458-0127
Qualifications Curriculum Vitae
Occupation Disability Retirement


  • Video games, feel free to add Randofu on PSN and Wii U.
  • Social media, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  • My health, post-leukemia and post-bone-marrow-transplant. Sometimes it's a full-time job.

Self-published Novels

In a world filled with half-human, half-animal chimeras, a group of entrepreneurs is pulled into a murder mystery when one of their own is attacked.

Available now for $9.99 in paperback, for the Nook, or for the Kindle. Also available for FREE in PDF or ePub.

This is a book about a girl named Bryn, her abrupt transition into adulthood, and the journey that followed. It is a work of fiction, a tome of high fantasy and intriguing curiosity, a codex of monsters, magic, and manipulation, a compilation of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and just a bit of humor. This is the tale of a woman who took the worst that Ortha had to throw at her and turned it into something wonderful.

Available now for FREE in PDF or ePub.

Airbnb Host

My husband and I are happy to host an Airbnb room in Mountain View, CA. Friends and family get a 100% discount!

Cozy guest room in Mountain View

Mountain View, CA, United States
This is our guest room in our Mountain View home. Our condo has ample parking and convenient access to the 101 and other freeways in the south bay area. Condo is occupied by a gay couple in the mas...
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