PhD StudentRock Stevens

About Me

University of Maryland

Digital Security Researcher

I'm a lifelong student of information technology, earning my first certification as a network administrator at the age of 15. I served as a Madison Policy Forum Military-Business Cybersecurity Fellow and as a non-profit consultant to numerous organizations.

My research primarily focuses on how people identify, assess, and respond to new digital security threats and vulnerabilities. My ongoing research initiatives include measuring the effectiveness of enterprise-level threat modeling and communicating digital security risk within sensitive environments.

Proud to have Dr. Michelle Mazurek as my advisor.



The Battle for New York: A Case Study of Applied Digital Threat Modeling at the Enterprise Level Primary author, USENIX Security

Hackers vs. Testers: A Comparison of Software Vulnerability Discovery Processes Co-author, IEEE S&P, Paper

First Steps Toward Measuring the Readability of Security Advice Co-author, ConPro, Paper


User Interactions and Permission Use on Android Co-author, ACM SIGCHI, Paper

Summoning Demons: The Pursuit of Exploitable Bugs in Machine Learning Primary author, Reliable ML in the Wild, Paper, Press

Army Vulnerability Response Program: A Critical Need in the Defense of our Nation Primary author, Cyber Defense Review, Paper, Press



Calcifying Crisis Readiness USENIX LISA


The New White Hat Hacking: Computational Biology for the Good of Mankind DEF CON 24

Cross-platform Compatibility: Bringing InfoSec Skills into the World of Comp Biology BSidesLV

Attack on Titans: A survey of new attacks against big data and machine learning ShmooCon


Army Vulnerability Response Program: A Critical Need in the Defense of our Nation Cyber Talks III

When CTFs Attack! Building a Better Training Environment BSides Charm City