Sandro Fouché

About Me

Before returning to Maryland to get my doctorate, I was lucky enough to work at a variety of computer and Internet companies including: America Online,, and Microsoft. My experience was split between software development and system administration. That background has fueled my combined interest in software engineering and systems.

I have had the great pleasure to serve on several departmental committees, as a member of the graduate executive board, and as a mentor to the student ACM.

I completed my Ph.D at the University of Maryland, College Park in December, 2010. I am continuing my research in the department while looking for a job in academia.

Recent Courses

CMSC 412 - Operating Systems - Fall 2010
CMSC 311 - Computer Organization - Fall 2009
CMSC 212 - Intro. to Low-Level Programming Concepts - Summer 2008
COSC 351 - System Fundamentals - Spring 2008

Research Interests

Software Engineering — My background as a professional software developer led directly to my graduate work in software engineering. The bulk of my research has centered around developing self-managing, adaptive programs to enable the development more robust software.

You can see some of my work on the Skoll: Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance project.

High-Performance / Distributed Computing — I have always had an interest in high-performance and distributed computing; exemplified by my experience running back-end systems for AOL. I used my distributed systems background in designing and implementing the Skoll Distrubted QA cluster.

Mobile Systems — Lately, I've been working with Adam Porter on location-based software systems. Our current project is a outside-the-classroom learning app called, Mobile Teacher.


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