Hello! My name is Steven Bower and I am a junior Computer Science student at the University of Maryland. After learning how to program from graphing calculator manuals when I was 10, I quickly discovered a passion for coding that has stuck with me to this day. My current interests are in web programming + design, software engineering, machine learning, and data science. Check out the Projects section to see some examples of how I have applied my technical skills in pursuit of these interests.


I currently work as a System Administrator for the University of Maryland’s Department of Computer Science. I am responsible for managing DHCP, DNS, and mail servers, as well as troubleshooting software issues that the department’s staff and faculty have across Linux, Windows, and OS X workstations. Additionally, I am currently working on an independent web development project for a professor in the department: creating a website that allows students to nominate instructors for awards.

In the summer of 2016, I worked for Fireside21 as a Software Engineering intern. While there, I worked with a tight-knit development team to develop a web-based scheduling application for Capitol Hill staffers using primarily C# and AngularJS. I also improved legacy ASP.NET code by refactoring and migrating it to AngularJS, and developed other tools for their Constituent Relationship Management program in C#.


I have extensive experience working with Java, JavaScript (jQuery and Angular), PHP, and SQL. I am also familiar with C, Python, R, Ruby, and OCaml. From a non-programming perspective, I have experience working with Adobe CS products, primarily Photoshop and InDesign.


Give Screenshot


Give is a project from HackDuke 2015, built using Phonegap to create native cross-platform apps with web-based languages. My teammates and I used HTML, CSS, and jQuery to build an app that makes it easy for anyone to donate to local charities. In Spring 2016, we are working with charities and our university’s philanthropy department to bring this app to a public audience.


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College Park Scholars Capstone

As a member of College Park Scholars, I am required to do an independent research project during my sophomore year. I have chosen to research the impacts of web design on user’s perceptions of identical underlying content. As a result, I will be strengthening my front-end web programming skills by improving my knowledge of CSS, HTML, and presentational Javascript.


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A hackathon project from bitcamp 2015, Singularity is an AI that talks with you as if it were a character from one of several plays. Built with a Python and Java backend and Processing front-end.

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Built as a final project for a web programming class, CalendApp is an image sharing site that implements all the languages taught in the course. The backend uses PHP and SQL for storing and displaying images, and the front-end relies on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery.





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