CMSC 412

Operating Systems

Fall 2012
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Professor A. Udaya Shankar (email: Office hours: MW 1:30-2:00 (AVW 4141) but easily expandable (email for an appt).
TA Johnny Wu (email: Office hours: On Piazza.
TA Eric Norris (email: Office hours: On Piazza.
Class CSIC 1121. MW 2:00-3:15pm
Discussion CSIC 1121. MW 10:00-12:00pm



Topics covered (in order approximately):

Required text:


These notes are old (except for 10x) but useful. (Notes 1-3 are trivial, given GeekOs.)

Programming projects


You will get a letter grade for project and a letter grade for the rest. If you get D or F in either, then that is your course grade. If you get C or higher in both, then your course grade will be determined by both as follows.

"Approx" means +/− 5%. For example, projects can become 50% and class particpation can become 0%.

Missed exams or submission deadlines


Academic Integrity