IP datagram format


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Table of Contents

IP datagram format

IP Fragmentation & Reassembly

IP Fragmentation and Reassembly

ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol

Routing in the Internet

Internet AS Hierarchy

Intra-AS Routing

RIP ( Routing Information Protocol)

RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

RIP: Link Failure and Recovery

RIP Table processing

RIP Table example (continued)

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)

OSPF “advanced” features (not in RIP)

Hierarchical OSPF

Hierarchical OSPF

IGRP (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)

Inter-AS routing

Internet inter-AS routing: BGP

Internet inter-AS routing: BGP

Internet inter-AS routing: BGP

Why different Intra- and Inter-AS routing ?

Router Architecture Overview

Input Port Functions

Input Port Queuing

Three types of switching fabrics

Switching Via Memory

Switching Via Bus

Switching Via An Interconnection Network

Output Ports

Output port queueing


IPv6 Header (Cont)

Other Changes from IPv4

Transition From IPv4 To IPv6

Dual Stack Approach


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