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Caliban's Weir Cheatsheet

Trumps of many of the people described here can be found here.

Many of the tribes, people, and places described below have Irish names. Where possible I've included a translation of the name so as to give more flavor to the setting.

The Thirteen Weir Tribes and their members.
Places and Terminology
Weir Heritage
Basic Singing
Advanced Singing

The Annagh The Bengorm The Cargan The Corlea The Dreen
  The Ennis The Glenanair The Illan  
The Newry The Oran The Scarva The Shantallow The Lost Ones

The Annagh   Destroyed
Irish Meaning: a marsh
This tribe was wiped out long ago while Fanelia still florished, but none are sure of the reasons. Little is remembered of the Annagh.

The Bengorm
Irish Meaning: blue peak
This tribe is a strong ally of Caliban and the Shantallow. The homelands of the tribe are in the mountains of New Fanelia. They tend to be very spritual and have a large number of shamans and singers in their tribe. They tend to keep to the mountains and are known to frequent the paths between New Fanelia and Mount Kolvir.

Established Members of the Bengorm
The Children of the Raven
Female, Shaman Irish Meaning: dream or vision
She has some unknown history with Caliban, and is a high ranking member of the Raven pack. She is the sister of Ealga, and daughter of Nevan. Her wolf form has black fur with grey flecks, and a white X upon the face.
Ealga Female, Singer Irish Meaning: noble
Leader of the Raven pack, and of the Bengorm tribe. She is the daughter of Nevan, and was the mate of Tadhg, with whom she had 2 children. Her wolf form is black with grey flecks.
Matthias Male Irish Meaning: Irish form of Matthew
A fat Weir who grates on Caliban's nerves. He loves telling stories, though he often stretches the truth a bit.
Neven Male, Singer?, Deceased Irish Meaning: little saint
Leader of the Bengorm before his death, and father of Aisling and Ealga. He died in the sealing of the Dream Wraiths.
Tadhg Male, Singer, Deceased Irish Meaning: Poet
Mate of Ealga, with whom he fathered two pups. He fought bravely in the war of the Black Road, but his true fame comes from his poems, ballads and songs, which were renowned across many tribes. He died a year after the Black Road War, murdered.

The Cargan
Irish Meaning: little rock
This medium sized tribe is very nomadic and does not have a single homeland for their tribe. It is thought that they have many singers but this is hard to confirm as the Cargan tend to be fairly secretive. They like to prowl around the edges of human society and are often seen as scavengers by some Weir. They are the least popular tribe as they are seen to think of the humans as superior. Of all the tribes the Cargan are the one most likely to be found in human cities while not at war with humans.

The Corlea
Irish Meaning: a grey round hill
This is a small tribe and not very powerful. Recently the last singer of the tribe died and none have been born since with the talent. They were strong supporters of Caliban and Eric and still wish to follow a road to peace.

The Dreen
Irish Meaning: blackthorn
This medium tribe dwells with the realms of Shadow known as Arden and was at almost constant warfare with the rangers there. They are some of the cleverest and fastest of the Weir, and can even escape the legions of hellhounds residing there. They tend to oppose Amber, but did enjoy a joyful peace with Prince Julian during the alliance with Eric. They are still on uneasy terms with Julian but the peace from the alliance still seems to be in place. During the Patternfall war, the Dreen were among the fiercest fighters and for their valor they earned great respect from the other tribes, and especially Caliban. Their valor might be one of the reasons Julian has not started hunting them down again.

The Ennis   Destroyed
Irish Meaning: a meadow along a river
This was a fairly peaceful and spritual tribe. It is said they were all in Fanelia for a great meeting to decide on a course for peace when Oberon destroyed the holy land. Opponents of Amber often site their deaths as a reason to go to war.

The Glenanair
Irish Meaning: glen of slaughter
This tribe most opposes Caliban's leadership and was the last to agree to the alliance with Eric. They believe in the superiority of the Weir and the fall of Man. The Glenanair are very aggressive to humans, and it is often said that they prefer to feast on the flesh of man above all else. (This is not cannibalism from their point of view; humans are like sheep or cows to them). The home of this tribe is unknown to Caliban. Since Eric's fall they have begun more raids on Amber's allies. They are thought to be one of the largest tribes (tied with the Shantallow).

The Illan   Lost in Shadow
Irish Meaning: an island
This tribe left the realms of Amber sometime after Oberon destroyed Fanelia. Their leader was a great singer and claimed to hear a pure songline that he said would lead to the salvation of the Weir. He claimed that any tribe that did not follow him would be consumed in the coming darkness. The members of his tribe all embarked on a pilgrimage deep into Shadow, away from Amber, (which is very difficult for Singers). No other singers, even of the Illan tribe, could hear the 'pure' songline that the Illan followed. It thought that the leader of the Illan was insane and led his people to their deaths in Shadow. The leader's name was Gall, and to this day getting lost is often referred to as "hearing Gall's song".

Established Members of the Illan
Gall Male, Deceased Irish Meaning: rooster (perhaps)
Gall was the leader of the Illan and led the entire tribe deep into shadow. This was so long ago though that it must be assumed that Gall is now dead, even if his tribe survived the trip into shadow.

The Newry   Destroyed
Irish Meaning: yew tree at head of the strand
This tribe was wiped out in one of the internal civil wars among the Weir that occured after the great war with Amber.

The Oran
Irish Meaning: cold spring
This tribe tends to be politically neutral and keeps to itself. Lately they have come under attack by the humans in the shadow in which they dwell, and have called upon Caliban for aid. Their tribal homeland is in the same shadow as the Golden Circle realm of Begma.

Established Members of the Oran
Aodhan Male Irish Meaning: diminutive of Aed, meaning "fire"
Aodhan is the leader of the Oran pack that committed the Begman massacre.
Cathal Male Irish Meaning: strong in battle
Cathal led the war party that committed the Begman massacre.

The Scarva   Destroyed
Irish Meaning: a rugged shallow ford
This was a very aggressive tribe, which is often thought to be responsible for the great war with Amber. Almost all members of this tribe died in the war. The survivors joined other tribes.

The Shantallow
Irish Meaning: old land
This is the tribe to which Caliban belongs. It has traditionally been one of the leading tribes of the Weir. The Shantallow have also been one of the larger tribes of Weir and were the ones approached by Eric for the alliance. They have lost much face since Eric's fall, but are still respected by most of the tribes. Recently the Glenanair have opposed them for leadership.

A Recent Family Tree of the Shantallow

Established Members of the Shantallow
Shantallow d'Caliban
Male, Singer in training Irish Meaning: Great Champion
Anlon is a young pup in the pack, only 12 years old. He has a very strong talent for Singing and is being trained by Eavan. His mother, Brona, died in the betrayal on the Black Road and while he is being raised communily by the pack, Caliban feels responsible for the loss and thinks of Anlon as his own child. It is unknown who Anlon's father was; as he was concieved during the night of the Joining and the delirium of the twin moons overtook many on that night, including Caliban.
Female, Singer, Deceased Irish Meaning: Sorrow
A singer. Died in at the betrayal on the Black Road. She had red hair, green eyes and was considered very beautiful, though her beauty was always shadowed by that of her older sister, Duvessa. She has always held a special place in Caliban's heart, and rivilary over her caused some tension between Caliban and Grendel. She concieved her only son, Anlon, during the night of the joining when the delirium of the twin moons overtook her. It is not clear who the father is as Brona never took a mate.
Cahir Male, Deceased Irish Meaning: Warrior
Died in at the betrayal on the Black Road. Not originally of the Shantallow. He joined the tribe when he was a teenager for reasons only revealed to a few, including Caliban. He was also the youngest of Caliban's war pack that he took to the Black Road.
Male, Amberite This is Garvey's PC. Caliban is the leader of the Shantallow and effective leader of the Weir, though his control of the seven tribes has faded since the end of the Black Road War. He is the son of Saorla and Eric of Amber.
Celia Female Irish Meaning: Little Blind One
One of the Weir who serves as Caliban's personal guard.
Duvessa Female, Shaman Irish Meaning: Dark Beauty
The aspiring shaman for the pack. A Weir of unsurpassed beauty. Widowed when Molan was killed. She was a student of Sidhe and will no doubt assume the position of pack shaman when Caliban's grandmother dies. Several months after Molan's death, Duvessa gave birth to twins, Morna and Miach.
Female, Singer Irish Meaning: Fair Form
Eavan is now the second in command of Caliban's pack, and has high esteem within the tribe. It is a position that was previously held by Molan before he died on the Black Road, but even then Eavan commanded great power within the pack. She is a few years older than Caliban and is his closet friend. She would often lead the pack when he was called to Amber. She is also the Singer of the pack, though she is considered the second Singer since Caliban normally leads the pack through shadow. Caliban trusts her above all others. Eavan has long black hair which she often ties back in a braid and tan skin. She has dark brown eyes and tends to be fairly serious in public but in private she has been known to much more lighthearted. She is also known for secretly plotting practical jokes, though she would always deny it.
Fiach Male, Deceased Irish Meaning: Raven
Died in at the betrayal on the Black Road.
Fionn Male Irish Meaning: Fair
Fionn is one of Caliban's spy. He is very flirtatious, and while not remarkably attractive to Weir standards, seems to have an uncanny way with Human women. This is probably due to a combination of the natural Weir predatory nature and a unique quality that Fionn possesses. He is a deep mole within many Golden Circle Realms, but spends most of his time in Juniper.
Male A close childhood friend of Caliban, who has seemingly changed since the great shadow storm passed. He is just a few months younger than Caliban. He was born with silver fur, a bad sign among the Weir. Recently, he has become a bit of a thorn in Caliban's side. He clearly believes that Caliban is not truely loyal to the Weir and serves Amber. He has been urging Caliban and Eavan to move aganist Amber. There has been talk that he is considering moving to another pack come the next Joining, and that he may eventually challenge for leadership. He is a mighty warrior and tracker. Before the end of the war he and Caliban were on good terms but since the great shadow storm he seems to have changed. Caliban thinks the storm might have altered him in some way, though this might just be a case of denial.
Jana Female, Deceased Irish Meaning: feminine form of John, Hebrew meaning 'God has favoured'
Died in at the betrayal on the Black Road.
Lark Male Lark is Caliban's older half brother, and also serves as his mentor. He was badly injured in the war by Chaos forces, which crippled his left arm, and then in the Shadow Storm. The storm, or possibily Caliban's efforts to save the Weir, changed Lark somehow. His fur/hair has become white and he has become blind, whereas before he had black fur/hair. His human skin has also become very pale. In secret he has told Caliban that he can still see but what he sees does not appear to be the world he is in, and that it is as if he is looking through a pool of water. Caliban is afraid that Lark's mind might have been damaged. He still serves as an advisor to Caliban.
Liam Male Irish Meaning: Irish form of William
One of the Weir who serves as Caliban's personal guard.
Miach Male Irish Meaning: (name of the son of the pagan Irish god, Diabcecht)
The son of Molan and Duvessa, born after his father's death. The Shantallow d'Caliban have high hopes for the boy. He is only one and a half years old at the present though, but all hope he will grow to be as strong as his father. He has a twin sister Morna.
Molan Male, Deceased Irish Meaning: servant of storm
Killed at the betrayal on the Black Road. He was one of the mightest warriors among the Weir. He was married to Duvessa and unknown to him at the time of his death, he sired two two children, Miach and Morna.
Morna Female Irish Meaning: beloved
The daughter of Molan and Duvessa, born after her father's death. The Shantallow d'Caliban have high hopes for the girl. She is only one and a half years old at the present though. She has a twin brother Miach.
Female, Singer, Presumed Dead Irish Meaning: noble queen
Caliban's mother and mate of Eric of Amber. She was a skilled singer and the leader of the Shantallow. She never returned from a secretive mission that Eric sent her on.
Sidhe Female, Shaman Irish Meaning: "fairy palace"
Caliban's grandmother and one of the oldest living members of the Shantallow, and the oldest in the pack. She is the chief shaman for the pack and the tribe. She is very weak and spends all of her time at Ballinacor, except during the Joining when she travels to Kincora to aid in the ceremonies. She, too, is one of Caliban's close advisors, though he feels she often councils him too much to return to the old ways and abandon the Amber part of him. She seems to regret the old alliance with Eric though she does seem to care for Caliban.
Shantallow d'Maeve
Maeve Female Irish Meaning: perhaps 'intoxicating one'
Leader of her small pack, which seperated to avoid some sort of conflict.
Naal Male Irish Meaning: perhaps from Latin 'birth'
Accused of Tadhg's murder.

The Lost Ones   Destroyed
Even their name has been forgotten. Some say that King Oberon destroyed them long ago and used magic so powerful that all traces and memories of them have been erased. More skeptical Weir say they never existed at all and are just a wild myth spread by those wishing to invent reasons to go to war.

Ballinacor Irish Meaning: the town of the weir
This is the name of the fortress in New Fanelia in which Caliban and his pack live.
Begma The Golden Circle Realm that is home to the Oran tribe.
Bres The ancient foe of Tyris and Mohad, now defeated.
Fanelia This was the mythical homeland of the Weir. It was destroyed at the end of the great war with Amber. It is said that Oberon has a punishment for the war wiped the shadow out of existence. The tribe of the Ennis were completely destoyed by this as they were all gathered together in the Fanelia when it happened.
Gall's Song "Hearing Gall's song" is a saying in the Weir for getting lost. It refers to Gall, leader of the Illan who led his tribe into shadow causing them to be lost forever.
Gransha A sport played by the Weir, resembling a combination of soccer and basketball.
The Joining Once a year in New Fanelia, the twin moons are both full and in ascent at the same time. This marks the celebration known as the Joining, to which all Weir attend. It is always held in Kincora. At this time, the Weir become even more wild than usual. The celebration is a great fertility festival, but on a few occasions it has become a little violent. The twin moons mean that the Weir heal much more often and faster in New Fanelia, so the occasional violence at the festival causes few lasting wounds or deaths.
Juniper A technological Golden Circle Shadow, which had acquired an ancient Weir book. Fionn is a spy assigned to this realm. No magic exists there, but they have developed some mechanical robots.
Kincora Irish Meaning: the head or hill of the weir
This is the area of New Fanelia where the Weir gather for the joining and other tribal celebrations. It is a sacred area for the Weir.
Mohad A legendary Weir. Tyris and Mohad were said to be lovers and founders of the Weir. One of the moons in New Fanelia is named after Mohad.
Mohad's Milk This is one of the preferred beverages of the Weir, drunk instead of coffee. It is an extremely strong cold drink made from roots and herbs. It strongly resembles the Shadow Earth drink of Ginger Beer, but it far less appetizing. It is strong enough to make most shadow folk sick to their stomaches. To the Weir temperment it is quite good. Due to Caliban's time in the Royal Castle, the beverage has become known there, but under the name, "Monken's Mead", as a clear insult to the Weir. Caliban isn't sure who gave the beverage that name, but he suspects Julian.
Monken's Mead The name by which Mohad's Milk is known in Castle Amber.
Naming Day A Weir celebration, similar to a birthday, which celebrates the day that a Weir was given his or her name. Presents are apparently a tradition.
New Fanelia This is a shadow (or perhaps the real thing) of Fanelia found/created by Caliban. It is the tribal homeland now for both the Shantallow and Bengorm. New Fanelia has two moons, the same as Fanelia of old. The moons are called Tyris and Mohad, after the legendary founders of the Weir. One of the moons is almost always in the sky. Once a year both moons are full in the sky at the same time. This event is a great celebration of life, called the Joining.
The Rea Irish Meaning: A course mountain flat.
The Rea Mountains are the home to most of the Bengorm tribe in New Fanelia. The mountain is laden with false paths and traps to stop invaders. Only by knowing the way of the Bengorm, finding the right scents and following the hidden markers can one safely enter the realm of the Bengorm.
The Rose This is the Weir's name for Corwin, Prince of Amber. He led the war aganist the Weir and was responsible with his silver sword for the slaughter of countless Weir. He is universally hated by all Weir and if encountered without his sword he would be instantly attacked by almost all Weir.
The Sealing The battle that aganist the Dream Wraiths, which resulted in them being sealed in a cave in the Rea.
Singer A Weir who can hear and follow the songlines. It is an innate talent for many Weir but requires training to develop. The Singers are responsible for leading the other Weir through shadow and for maintaining communications with other packs and tribes. Singers are identified when they hit puberty by their unique songs and voices as well as their ability to 'hear things'. They often rise to positions of leadership among the Weir.
Tyris A legendary Weir. Tyris and Mohad were said to be lovers and founders of the Weir. One of the moons in New Fanelia is named after Tyris.
Weirmonken A derogatory name for the Weir used by humans.

Book Quotes:

       We lay there a while longer and three men entered the campsite
     and looked about.  Then two of them bent down and sniffed at the
       Then they looked in our direction.
       "Weir," whispered Random, as they moved in our direction.
       I saw it happen, though only in shadow.  They dropped to all
     fours and the moonlight played tricks with their gray garments.
     Then there were the six blazing eyes of our stalkers.
       I impaled the first wolf on my silver blade and there was a
     human howl.  Random beheaded one with a single blow, and to my
     amazement, I saw Deirdre raise one in the air and break its back
     across her knee with a brittle, snapping sound.
       "Quick, your blade!" said Random, and I ran his victim through,
     and hers, and there were more cries.
                                        Nine Princes in Amber (GBoA pg 47)

       I had called him my page all that while, and when the wars
     beckoned, against the dark things out of Shadow called
     Weirmonken, I made him my squire, and we had ridden off to the
     wars together.
                                        Nine Princes in Amber (GBoa pg 103)

The Weir are tribal shape shifters living in the shadows nearby Amber. Even the Weir are unclear as to where they came from originally or if they have always living in this region, though their shamans and scholars have many differing tales to tell. On a least one occasion they have attempted to invade Amber, though they are more traditionally raiders who prey upon Amber and other surrounding kingdoms. At the end of the Great War with Amber, Oberon destroyed their religious homeland of Fanelia. The practice of of raiding almost completely ceased when the Weir allied with Eric, but has recently started again. Caliban can control his own tribe for the most part, but has had trouble with some of the other tribes. He is constantly urging for peace among the Weir, but lately the Weir have felt more betrayed as the alliance between them and Eric did not result in the seperate nation for the Weir that they had envisioned.


Shapeshifting (Wolf and Human form only)
  Weir can change between Human and Wolf form. There are no other shapes (such as a hybrid shape) that they can take. The wolves that they transform into are larger and stronger than regular wolves. In addition the Weir have human voices while wolves, so if they are struck down you will hear the cry of a human, rather than that of a wolf. They can still howl though it not a rich language, and there are but a few dozen different howls that Weir can use to communicate. They tend to have deep husky voices as both humans and wolves.

Enhanced Senses/Fighting
  The Weir also have very keen senses. They have an excellent sense of smell and superb hearing, even when in human form. The Weir are also very able fighters, though they are no match for an Amberite in a one on one fight. These abilities make the Weir formidable warriors in either form.

Enhanced Vitality and Speed
  The Weir draw a supernatural level of energy from the power of moonlight. While they are under a moonlit sky, they do not tire. Period. In addition, they can run at a moderately accelerated pace - about double speed in human form, and triple speed when in wolf form. This does not apply to combat maneuvers, merely distance running. Terrain might affect these speeds slightly, but in either form, Weir have an affinity for finding the best footing.

  The largest advantage of the Weir is their healing ability though. Even after beheading one, Random wants Corwin to run it through with his sword, Grayswandir. Weir can regenerate from almost any wound in relatively short periods of time. The Weir that were killed by Corwin and company probably would have been up and about in less than an hour, at which point they could have tracked them down and called for reinforcements.
  Even decapitation doesn't kill a Weir - it merely unleashes their pure bestial side. Such wounded Weir are very difficult to contain as they often cannot tell friend from foe, and attack all those around them. As the regeneration process works though and the head is regrown (or reattached as the case may be), the Weir begins to regain more control. Losing one's head is a very disorienting for a Weir as well...
  This healing ability only works at night while the moon shines. If a Weir is 'killed' during the day, but the body is not dispatched in the correct manner then at night when the moon is out the Weir will rise again, fully healed. For this reason the Weir operate mostly at night, and only while the moon is in the sky.


Vulnerability to Silver
  The Weir have an extreme susceptibility to silver. Silver weapons do deadly amounts of damage to them from which they will not heal with their regeneration. Running them through with a silver sword will kill them every time. While normal bullets do little to hurt them at night, silver bullets will quickly dispatch the Weir. This vulnerability has also made the Weir was very suspicious of machinery.

Social Problems (This is not strictly a part of Weir Heritage)
  The Weir also are rumored to be demons, perhaps of Chaos origin, although this has never been established. If this is so then they might also be vulnerable to Pattern weapons and demonic binding spells. These rumors, along with the Weir's history of being raiders, and having attacked Amber, give the Weir serious social difficulties. They are universally hated by the populace of Amber and the neighboring kingdoms, and their lives are usually forfeit without any cause. For this reason the Weir typically keep to themselves and stay away from most populated areas.

Moon Rage
  The Weir tend to become more violent and primal in nature during the full moon. This is not a overpowering rage, but does cause them to become more emotional and more likely to strike out at those who anger them. The full moon is also the traditional mating period of the Weir, as their sexual desires become more heightened. Venturing uninvited into Weir territory during the full moon is a sure way to invite attack; several 'accidents' that have occurred during the full moon have encourage various realms to raise the flag of war against the Weirmonken clans.

The Smell of the Predator (Animal Distrust)
  Despite considering themselves creatures of natures, the Weir themselves interact very poorly with animals. Wild creatures seem to sense the predatory nature of the Weir despite the form that the Weir takes. This does not prevent the Weir from hunting, but keeps them from having pets or trained animals. Even most domesticated animals sense the predator in the Weir. The more intelligent the animal the slower the animal will realize the nature of the Weir. Many humans tend to dislike Weir but are not able to articulate why. This prevents the Weir from being able to ride horses or travel with those who do, unless the other riders have extremely well trained horses.

This is a short description of the Weir Singers, and their abilities, so we have some common reference as their abilities. Feel free to change or modify any of this.

Prerequisite Weir Heritage (?)

The 'Hearing'
  This is the most basic ability of the Singers, that allows them to hear the songlines. Songlines appear to run throughout shadow but seem to be very concentrated near Amber. They function as roads between shadows, but they are ever changing and moving. Two songlines within the same shadow might several days apart. Often many songlines will come together in a nexus that the Singers call a Chorus. The Choruses are considered to places of great power. Singers can hear the songlines and can locate them even from afar. They can also tell how strong a songline is, which is often an indication as to how often it is used. The shadows around Amber are often filled with hundreds or thousands of songlines, though most are very weak. It is much easier to use a stronger songline than a weaker one. Songlines and especially choruses also seem to attract other mystic creatures, sorcerers and other travelers.

Singing the Songline
  Singers can sing along songlines as a method of communication between Singers. Of course only other Singers can hear these songs. The Singer must be a songline when they begin to sing. The song then reverberates along the Songline and other Singers that are near the songline can hear the song. The song can hours, days or even weeks to be heard depending upon how far away the hearer is located. The song takes time to travel along the songline and as it travels it distorts slightly, so it is harder to understand the farther away one gets from the source. The other limitation is that the details of the communication can be limited, though is normally possible to identify the singer if one is familiar with them. This ability is often used to send messages about great celebrations, danger, or summons. A skilled Singer can also attempt to follow a song back to it source. Since the songs are reverberations in the songlines they can be heard for many days before they fade away.

Following the Songlines
  Singers can follow the songlines and lead a few others (but not whole armies) though shadow with them. They can only follow the songlines and cannot go to new places where the songlines do not go. They must also go to the location of the songline itself to begin to follow it. The songline will then lead them through shadow along its path. Singers often know great maps of songlines and will transfer through several shadows switching songlines many times. This ability also allows the Singers to follow Amberites who are shadow walking, as such movement seems to great songlines, though these can often disappear quite quickly. Hellrides create even stronger songlines and are easier to follow. Shadow paths also tend to be strong songlines. The more often a songline is used the stronger it becomes, and the easier it is to find and follow. Songlines that are unused can change, move or disappear over time, and new songlines can also appear.
  It is very difficult for a Singer to travel away from Amber as so many of the Songlines tend to go and around Amber. In fact it is thought by some Weir that the Pattern of Amber might be responsible for the creation of the songlines and that it might be singing some great song. Others, such as Caliban, have wondered if perhaps the Singers are just shadow reflections of the Amberites and their Pattern and Trump abilities. Singers have a much easier time going to familiar territory and have a very difficult time exploring new areas. Traveling along the Songlines requires movement, much like hellriding, and is slower than Pattern shadow walking. There are also many areas where songlines do not seem to go. They are much rarer inside of buildings and especially in metal buildings (such as metal vaults). They are much more common outside and in the wilderness. The few Singers who have taken to the sea claim they are teaming with songlines, but they are difficult to travel on boat.

Prerequisite Basic Singing

Song Weaving
  In the event that a Singer is stranded where there are no Songlines, they can 'create' new songlines (or possibly pull existing ones). This can take hours, days or weeks to do depending on the psyche of the Singer and the location of the Weaver. (Is it easier or harder near Amber?). It isn't clear where the new songline will go, but it will probably join up with other Songlines where the Singer will have more choice and maneuverability.

Unique Shadow Walkers