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Sorelle A. Friedler. Geometric Algorithms for Objects in Motion. Dissertation committee: Prof. David Mount (chair), Prof. William Gasarch, Prof. Samir Khuller, Prof. Steven Selden, Prof. Amitabh Varshney. Defense date: July 30, 2010. [PDF] [presentation]


Sorelle A. Friedler and David M. Mount. Spatio-temporal range searching over compressed kinetic sensor data. In Proc. of the European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA), pages 386-397, 2010. [PDF (preprint) | link] [TR]
     2nd Workshop on Massive Data Algorithmics, 2010 [PDF]
     Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry, 2009 [PDF]

Sorelle A. Friedler and David M. Mount. Realistic compression of kinetic sensor data. Technical Report CS-TR-4959, University of Maryland, College Park, 2010. [PDF | TR]

Sorelle A. Friedler and David M. Mount. Approximation algorithm for the kinetic robust k-center problem. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 2010. (doi: 10.1016/j.comgeo.2010.01.001). [PDF (preprint) | link]

Sorelle A. Friedler and David M. Mount. Compressing kinetic data from sensor networks. In Proc. of the 5th International Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks (AlgoSensors), pages 191 - 202, 2009. [PDF (preprint) | link] [TR]

Sorelle A. Friedler, Yee Lin Tan, Nir J. Peer, and Ben Shneiderman. Enabling teachers to explore grade patterns to identify individual needs and promote fairer student assessment. Computers & Education, 51(4):1467-1485, December 2008. [PDF (preprint) | link]


This project started as a class project for Ben Shneiderman's Information Visualization class, which I took in the Spring of 2007. The associated journal paper was published in December 2008.

This project started as a class project for Jeff Foster's Program Analysis and Understanding class, which I took in the Spring of 2006. This program tracks type qualifiers dynamically.

Survivable Network Design:
This project was started when I was an intern at AT&T in the Summer of 2006. It involves implementing Jain's algorithm for survivable network design.

Book Reviews and Other Work

Sorelle A. Friedler. Review of Pioneering Women in American Mathematics: the Pre-1940 PhD's by Judy Green and Jeanne LaDuke. Book review. ACM SIGACT News 42(2): 37-41, 2011. [PDF | link]

Sorelle A. Friedler. Change is possible: stories of women and minorities in mathematics by Patricia Clark Kenschaft, published by AMS, 2005 212 pages, softcover. Book review. ACM SIGACT News, 41(2):47-50, 2010. [PDF | link]

Friedler, Sorelle. Algorithms for Calculating Statistical Properties of Moving Points. Dissertation proposal. January 14, 2009. [PDF] [presentation]

As an undergraduate at Swarthmore College I had the opportunity to do research through the Mathematics department and the Computer Science department. While these papers were never submitted for publication, I did make a point of writing up my results.

Friedler, Sorelle. Survey of Identified Small World Networks. Spring 2004. [PDF]

Friedler, Sorelle and Talvacchia, Janet. Sufficient Condition for a 4-Dimensional Vector Orbi-Space to Admit a Faithful Symplectic SU(2) Action. Summer 2003. [PDF]