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This is a description by Rajarshi Mandal on the get together on October 5, 2003

Dear Friends,

Subho Bijoya to all of you and I guess everyone's doing fine.

By the way , some of us did meet at the Grain of Salt on Dashami day and it was great fun. There was Suman Banerjee, Suvadip Chatterjee, Arunava Sengupta and myself with wife.

The place was great and so was the food. We talked a lot about old times and exchanged a lot of notes about friends and teachers.

We expected some more faces but no one else turned up. Jhelum , where were you? Suman had met Pandu at the Music World the other day and informed him about the get together but he didn't turn up.

I have taken a few snaps but you will all have to wait for a while for the roll to finish. I will email the snaps asap.

Some facts which came up which we want to share and some questions which need to be answered and some old memories.......

Bye for now ----- we must keep in touch and must meet in greater numbers on every Dashami day wherever we may be... We intend to add more stuff to this page, as and when, they become available.
Suman Banerjee / suman@cs.umd.edu
Page last updated: Oct 7, 2003