NetDyn: Network Measurements Tool

NetDyn is a low-overhead probing tool to measure network characteristics.

Download (.tar.gz)

It has four main processes:

Using these five fields, it is possible to infer various characteristics of the network path.

In the usual setting, the source, sink and logger are run in the same machine, distinct from the machine in which the echo process executes as shown in the figure.

The train of probe packets can be easily configured using this tool including:

The tool compiles and executes for a lot of different platforms: BSDs, SunOS/Solaris, Linux. It also has different scripts for post-processing of the logged data, to infer various network characteristics.

Please refer to the README file available in the distribution for compilation and runtime instructions.

The code was originally written by Dheeraj Sanghi. I modified and appended some parts of the code (including the TCP based interaction).

Last updated on July 2000 
-- Suman