Screenshots from the Rover Technlogy demo

This is a sequence of snap-shots from an example operation of Rover clients as demonstrated during the Rover Technology demonstration on Maryland Day, 2002. Each of the clients were Compaq IPAQ devices that were running the Familiar distribution of Linux. The administrator console is a special client that has some extra functionality.

Basic Display: The default display shows the map of the McKeldin mall in the University of Marylnd College Park campus, where the demo was presented.
Zoom and Location Display: The client has zoomed into a specific area of the map. Location tracking is also enabled. The blue dot on the client's map corresponds to the current location of the client. turned on
Location Query: The client has queried the Rover system for the location of the different stalls that are present in the McKeldin mall area. The different stalls are shown highlighted in the display (in green).
Location Trigger: Due to a trigger set by the client in the system, as the client approaches a food stall, an alert notification is presented to the client. Note the client's location (in blue) is close to a food stall.
Attribute Query: The client has queried the system about information on a specific stall (this was the MIND lab stall). An appropriate response is presented back to the client.
Admin Display: The administrator is another client in the system, but has some special privileges. The administrator, in this example, is able to see the location of all the clients in the system (marked in red).

Last updated on Apr 2002 
-- Suman