Ted Smith

Grad Student
University of Massachusetts

I'm a PhD student in the PLASMA group. My advisor is Yuriy Brun.

Previously, I was an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park. I majored in computer science and psychology, and graduated with BS degrees in both in May 2013. While at Maryland, I worked with Mike Hicks in the PLUM group. My main project at PLUM was Kitsune, an efficient framework for dynamically updating C programs.

Sometimes I predict things.


My research interests are in the intersection of programming languages and empirical software engineering. I want to study how developers use programming languages and environments in real-world scenarios to inform the design and development of novel programming interactions, methods, and tools.

You can download my CV here.

Is the cure worse than the disease? Overfitting in Automated Program Repair

FSE 2015


HotSWUp 2011

Improving Developer Participation Rates in Surveys

CHASE, 2013

ManyBugs and IntroClass Automated Program Repair Benchmarks

TSE, pending publication


OOPSLA, 2012

Baloo: Group Planning with Prediction Markets

Personal Informatics, 2013

Homegrown Tools

ICSE, 2015

Kitsune: Journal Edition

TOPLAS, 2014

Towards Standardized Benchmarks for DSU

HotSWUp, 2012


My email address is tedks@cs.umass.edu.

I have a PGP key you can use to encrypt emails to me. Please consider doing so, and making a step towards the preservation of privacy in the 21st century.